D. Willson has written two books, Jar Half Full and The Fruit of Her Spirit. For more information on where to buy these books and more, please follow the links below. She is also working on a third book called “Baby Elephants.” To learn more about this project and how you could be involved, please read on under “Baby Elephants Project“.

jar half full

Raised a Presbyterian and later turned teenage Jesus Freak, D. Willson offers a humorously riddled memoir of her life – her spiritual life, that is. Her honest commentary on faith will leave you feeling as if you are discussing religion with a friend over coffee, battling disagreements with love, or grasping each other’s hands across the table because you realize you are not alone. Wherever you stand on the matters of faith and God, there is something in this story that will strike you. Whether it warms your heart or pisses you off, emotions are a good thing. They make us think. And thinking is a very good thing.

the fruit of her spirit

D. Willson grew up with an unassuming yet wise aunt who touched her life forever. Aunt Laveda was a teacher in an elementary school for thirty years. In addition to the many things she taught to her students, she also taught her niece, who has grown up to express her gratitude for the fruit of her aunt’s spirit in this small but powerful volume of memories on being thankful, slowing down, discipline, self-care, appreciation, enjoyment, selflessness, positivity, cooperation, and acceptance. Reading Ms. Willson’s heartfelt tribute is like gaining a new family member.

baby elephants project

I am working on a new project called Baby Elephants.  The main line of the book will follow my experience with having a miscarriage last winter. If you would like to read about it, please visit my 12 Weeks blog posts.  However, through that experience I have come to know many women who have dealt with this… Continue reading baby elephants project

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