the fruit of her spirit


D. Willson grew up with an unassuming yet wise aunt who touched her life forever. Aunt Laveda was a teacher in an elementary school for thirty years. In addition to the many things she taught to her students, she also taught her niece, who has grown up to express her gratitude for the fruit of her aunt’s spirit in this small but powerful volume of memories on being thankful, slowing down, discipline, self-care, appreciation, enjoyment, selflessness, positivity, cooperation, and acceptance. Reading this heartfelt tribute is like gaining a new family member.

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A note from the author…

My great aunt has given me the world. In many ways she has unlocked doors to my future, paved the way for me to see other cultures and lands, and instilled in me priceless knowledge about how to survive this often hard thing called life. How does one thank or repay a person who has gifted these incredible things?

You can’t really. But you should certainly try.

In December of 2013, I began envisioning a thank-you note that would somehow capture how much my Aunt Laveda means to me. It started out as a list and evolved into a short memoir of the special moments I remember with her as I grew up. Interwoven in these memories are the lessons she has taught me on the importance of gratitude, slowing down, responsibility, self-care, appreciation, enjoyment, selflessness, positivity, cooperation, and acceptance.

I’ve done quite a bit of writing about loved ones that I have lost. Yet, those pieces of writing were in memory and never reached the ears of those they honored. In writing this book, it was my hope that my Aunt Laveda would be able to read the words herself and to know the impact she has had on me over the years.

Much love,


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