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Once upon a time, blogs were a new fangled thing and I scoffed at the idea that people would post their “diary” online. It seemed self-aggrandizing and a bit silly. But here I am, doing that very thing and it’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for six years now. Some of that self-doubt creeps up every time I press “publish”. Does anyone really need this? Who am I to assume people want to read my words? But just as I’ve come to own the titles daughter, sister, teacher, wife, and mother, I’ve also added writer and author to my identity. I have a very specific voice and point of view and I’ve learned over the years that my blog has not only served as an effective (and free!) self-therapy, it has also offered a voice for others when they don’t have the words to say it themselves.

Here are some words. I hope they make a difference.

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